LTC – Language Training Centre

LTC_Nijmegen_Taalintechniek_1Since 1983 LTC has supplied teaching on a contract basis in Nijmegen to both private individuals and people in the business world. LTC distinguishes itself by its friendly approach to its students: motivated teachers using the computer and video as an aid to teaching and never as a substitute for the teacher.

Up-to-date teaching methods, for individuals or groups. There at the disposal of the business world and the private individual alike.

LTC offers a flexible approach, a finely targeted programme of lessons and reasonable prices.

Language Training, the four step plan

1. Intake

During an initial exploratory talk and with the aid of amongst other things a grading test, the starting level is determined. Working in accordance with the client’s and the student’s wishes a tailor-made programme of lessons is compiled. The level (Beginners 1 or 2, Advanced 1 or 2 ), length of time and contents are all variables.

Before the lessons begin the student and/or the client is informed of the course they will take. Depending on the language concerned and the purpose, language training can begin at short, and even at extremely short notice.

Phone +31(0)24-3237349 to make an appointment for a free intake interview.

Courses available:

DUTCH (for foreign learners)

Alongside already existing courses there is room for any additional specific contributions the clients have to offer regarding such areas as e.g. their own company literature.

LTC also offers specialized courses in the following:

  • conversation at top-level
  • training in conversation for business ends
  • language training for managers
  • Dutch for foreign medical doctors (including Dutch for foreign psychiatrists)
  • telephone training in English, French, German, Dutch
  • reporting courses in English
  • business correspondence in English, French, German, Dutch
  • preparation for lectures/meetings (using video-takes)

LTC is also able to arrange on request lessons in less common languages.

2. The Start

The beginner or the advanced student (everyone is at the right place at LTC) takes part in either an intensive language training course (30 hours a week, six hours a day) or a course of 60 to 180 minutes a week.

The intensive training is the feasible option for the student who needs to increase his or her level of ability in a short time. A large number of private lessons guarantees excellent results in just a few weeks.

The four modalities, speaking, writing, listening and reading receive ample attention during language training.

The lessons are given either “in-company” or at LTC’s own institute. It is preferable that intensive courses take place at the institute since all the facilities are readily available there.

All in all: the intensive course of three to four weeks guarantees the average beginner starting from scratch be able to acquire the basic level needed to achieve an elementary level of communication in the language studied.

3. Evaluation

Assessment of progress, which plays an indispensable role in language teaching, is applied throughout. In addition there are two standard moments in each period of training that an assessment takes place.

Halfway through the course the interim evaluation made allows the programme to be readjusted if need be.

The student’s progress is recorded in a log book. In the final evaluation this log book also plays a role; namely each student receives an account of his final results.

The client is always involved in these assessments.

Evaluation as such has a positive influence on a student’s motivation in that it bears witness to his progress from day one onwards.

4. Follow-up

When making the final evaluation the teacher will give consideration to any eventual future courses. The teacher will also advise the student regarding further possibilities within his or her range either with LTC or elsewhere. We regard this as only our client’s due these days where additional education plays a permanent role.

Also when the language training or course is over LTC keeps in regular contact with its students, informing them of the latest developments with a view to maintaining or extending the knowledge which has been previously acquired.

Translating Agency

LTC is quick to spot the requirements of the business world. The success achieved through teaching on a contract basis has led LTC to seek to become specialized in translating. This area is now a healthy addition to the LTC family.

We do translations (sworn on oath) into:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Other languages on request

LTC has a reputation to uphold regarding the quality and prompt service it offers. Rapid processing of orders being facilitated by the employment of fax and e-mail.

Translations are made by native-speakers ensuring that the language used is really up-to-date.

LTC supplies price indications beforehand.

Our agency is specialized in the translation of legal, technical, commercial and medical documents.

Editing Office

LTC keeps a constant eye on the market and adjusts its own organization accordingly. Working with the experience gained through language training and translating, LTC has spotted the broad range of possibilities made available by the introduction of a third activity.

The editing department at LTC supplies promptly all kinds of texts, e.g., correspondence, prefaces, speeches, folders, articles, brochures, instructions leaflets. Inquiries about what we have to offer and our attractive prices are always welcome.

LTC, partners in language

The LTC management
Renée Pheiffer-Hekman, MA