Dutch course for expats

Welcome expat to the Netherlands!

Did you come to the Netherlands for work and do you want to learn to communicatie in Dutch? Would you like to find your way in the Netherlands? We are here to help you and your family settle in at work by teaching you to communicate effortlessly in Dutch.

We are specialized in training Dutch for employee expats, foreign entrepreneurs and professionals who plan to live and work in the Netherlands for some years.

Dutch course for expats

Customised Dutch-language courses help students assimilate in the Netherlands

‘Helping people settle in at work by teaching them to communicate effortlessly in Dutch’ is the aim of LTC/Language Training Centre’s course in Dutch for professional purposes.

Running courses since 1983

We have been running customised language courses since 1983. In all cases, the objective is to achieve the specific learning outcomes set for individual students. Having met the language training needs of over 500 firms and other organisations during the past quarter century, there can be no doubt that we are meeting a market need. The customers to whom we supply courses include private-sector companies, government bodies (including local authorities), universities and private individuals.

Course structure

Based on the results of intake interviews, we select the most appropriate type of language course, in accordance with the individual student’s level and needs. The intake interviews are free of charge and are designed to identify the development goals that the course will be seeking to achieve and also to make an estimation of the time and money the customer will probably need to invest in order to achieve these goals.


Our courses are geared towards several levels:

Beginners 1 (CEF levels 0-A1)
Beginners 2 (CEF levels A1-A2)
Advanced 1 (CEF levels B1-B2)
Advanced 2 (CEF levels C1–C2)

It is at these levels that we present grammatical and idiomatic matters taken from selected methods and materials adapted for teaching purposes, all of which have a direct bearing on the student’s present or future work situation. Naturally, cultural issues and assimilation also feature prominently during the courses.

We compile fully customised training courses for students whose knowledge and skills are way beyond the basic levels.

Teaching methods

We use a wide variety of motivational teaching methods for all levels. Our tool box has traditionally contained all sorts of audiovisual aids and web-based tools. Having said this, personal attention remains the key ingredient in all our courses.

High speed or normal

Where a student needs to make very rapid progress, we recommend using intensive modules consisting of 30 hours of face-to-face teaching in a single week. The learning process is supported by a series of self-study tasks. Students attending non-intensive courses can choose from a wide range of timetables.

Private tuition or group classes

Whether you opt for private tuition or group classes depends on whether a given set of students is relatively homogeneous in terms of their level and needs. For didactic reasons, we have decided that class size should not exceed eight students. The basic principle is that all the members of the same teaching group should be registered by the same organisation.

Regular progress reports

Customers are entitled to be informed about the progress made by students of theirs attending LTC courses. For this reason, you will be sent two comprehensive evaluation reports for every 30-hour series of lessons. The reports contain information on a range of topics, including the course aims, the syllabus, attendance, motivation, progress and test results, as well as a recommendation for future follow-up study, if necessary. Moreover, you can ask at any time for a personal evaluation interview during which we discuss the progress made by the student in question either with you or with your training consultant, and with the student himself or herself. These progress reports and personal evaluation interviews are free of charge. Finally, a detailed logbook is kept on every course, which customers are free to inspect at any time.

Location of courses

Take your pick: on our premises, on your premises or elsewhere
Language courses can be given in one of three locations: on our own premises, as in-company courses on the customer’s premises, or in another location.

Regular quality assessments

All our customers are regularly invited to comment on the quality of the language courses supplied to them, by taking part in a wide-ranging customer satisfaction survey compiled by CEDEO, the leading Dutch certifying body for customised company training courses. CEDEO asks users of company courses to assess the quality of:

the intake procedure;
the syllabus, in both theory and practice;
the instructors;
the teaching materials;
the classrooms;
the follow-up procedure;
organisation and accounting procedures;
customer management;
the price-quality ratio;
fully customised courses.

In order for a training-provider to be recognised by CEDEO, at least 80% of its customers must be either satisfied or very satisfied. We were awarded a 97% satisfaction rating in the most recent customer satisfaction survey, and this naturally resulted in the extension of our status as a CEDEO-recognised training-provider.


For those who are looking for a place to stay during the course: we can also advise you on hosting families or hotels.